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I have plotted a graph for absorbance at 540 nm vs cells concentration of yeast for dilutions from 1/2 to 1/128. Using this graph, I can find cell concentration of unknown yeast after measuring its absorbance. It is possible to for bacterial cells as well? Can you determine the concentration of bacterial cell if i know the absorbance? If yes or no, Why?

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    Yes, you can easily find the concentration of bacterial cell

    for this, simply take the bacterial culture and take the optical density of your sample and after that done the dilution of your sample( done either 2 fold or 10 fold dilution of your sample).. after that, transfer this different dilution on agar plate and perform either ( pour plate method or spread plate method technique ) and incubate it.. after completion the incubation time, count the colonies and calculate the CFU per ml.. then u finally draw the graph co-relating CFU/ml to O.D

    hope you got the point..


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