how are viruses different from bacteria apex ?


how are viruses different from bacteria apex

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    Bacteria are unicellular microorganisms that can be found everywhere in the environment. Viruses are microorganisms that can only reproduce within the cells of a host organism.

    The differences between viruses and bacteria include;

    Viruses do not have any cell and are considered between living and non-living things, while bacteria have one cell (Unicellular) and are living organisms.
    Viruses are smaller in size (20-400 nm) when compared with bacteria (1000 nm).
    Viruses do not have a cell wall but a protein coat is present, while bacteria have a cell wall that is composed of peptidoglycan.
    Viruses require a living cell to reproduce, while bacteria can reproduce by itself.
    The DNA or RNA of viruses is enclosed inside a coat of protein, while that of bacteria floats freely in the cytoplasm within the cell.

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