immune response


1. Which type of immunity is most important against bacterial infections?
Explain your answer.
2. In a person that has been diagnosed to be AIDS positive which immune
system pathways are functioning which ones are partially working and which
ones are not functioning at all? Give reasons for your answer.

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    1.for bacterial infection, mostly cell humoral immunity involves and play important role in order to prevent the disease. Because, bacteria replicates outside the cell and they don’t use cell machinary .. but the other side, some bacteria replicate inside the cell like Mycoplasma so, in that case cell mediated immunity play crucial role..

    2.In case of AIDS, cell mediated immunity not works well.. here virus targeted the cells and replicate inside the cell by using cellular machinery and this virus attack the T-helper cells and due to this Cd4 count level drop and then person is susceptible to acquire the diseases…however, cell humoral immunity play partial role to provide the immunity to some extent

    Note: (T-helper cells plays an imp. role to boost up the immunity )

    hope u got the point..

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