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My cat pooped somewhere in the house and I found a stain on my charger resembling poop even though it had no smell. I then used toilet paper to wipe off the stain off my charger. Do I still have a risk of contracting toxoplasmosis or toxocariasis?

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    well it’s not a big deal.. you simple follow some steps to get ride of this problem..

    • firstly, use the simple water and soaked cotton plug in it and then clean out your phone
    • after that used any cleaning solution and then with the help of cotton plug or tissue paper clean your phone properly. after that, properly dry your phone or use before drying clean up your phone by ethanol (soaked cotton in the 75% ethanol and properly clean your phone )
    • if u don’t have any cleaning solution then don’t worry, u can easily made it at home by following this below recipe i.e.

    *firstly take a pinch of baking soda..

    *then add vinegar and water on the soda (then clean your phone with the help of blotted paper )

    hope for the best..

    hope you got the point


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