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    Salmonellosis is very contagious. It’s not easy

    to identify whether it has spread from a non-symptomatic carrier or a fully recovered person.

    Physical contact might become one reason. Anything that takes us close to the fecal bacteria like salmonella can potentially lead us to salmonella infection.

    Even the sharing of the following things that might be contaminated can lead to severe salmonellosis.

    • utensils, like forks or spoons
    • straws
    • cups
    • water bottles
    • lip balm
    • lipstick
    • cigarettes
    • cigars
    • pipes

    Perhaps consumption of everything that is contaminated might lead to salmonellosis.

    • The usual route of transmission used by salmonella is fecal-oral route.
      • water and food,
      animal contact
      •  person-to-person.

    94% of salmonellosis is food transmitted .

    The main reason behind it’s transmission is fecal contaminated food. There is a variety of food items like vegetables that are grown up in the contaminated environment and also by an animal-originated food.
    This contamination may result due to some external factors like:

    • Cross contamination
    • Environmental contamination
    • Poor hand washing .
    • A case was reported in which the exposure to marijuana lead to salmonella outbreak.
    • Large amount of salmonella inoculum is required to produce disease because of the high ph values of the stomach and small intestine.
    • The subtyping of samples helps the   health officials to find out the source of infection  and the treatment is done accordingly.

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