Bacteria transmission form trash trucks


Do trash trucks transfer bacteria to people who are standing nearby?

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    According to several studies, bacteria are capable of infecting via air. Yes, bacteria can also cause infection to healthy individuals standing near trash trucks. Bacterial transmission can occur in variety of ways. Most common transmission can be divided in two groups:

    • Direct Transmission
    • Indirect Transmission


    Direct transmission has various routes. Direct transmission through air means that the bacterial particles are transmitted directly to the healthy individual via inhalation, following infection and disease. A person standing nearby a truck inhales bacteria from the polluted air. Some bacteria also produce spores. If required amount of spores is inhales, infection by bacteria can easily occur.

    Indirect transmission also has various ways. One method of indirect transmission occurs with the help of vectors like mosquitoes and flies. There is a huge amount of flies and mosquitoes near trash trucks. So infection of bacteria can be transmitted to healthy individuals through these vectors as well.

    In short, a healthy individual standing near a trash truck can get infected because the air he/she inhales is not safe or healthy. Trash contains various varieties of pathogenic organisms. Not only bacteria but many fungi, parasites and even viruses.

    One should be careful when standing in a polluted environments. Simple hygienic measures can reduce the chances of infection to zero. Washing hands properly before eating is one caution that can do more benefit than expected. Bacteria, parasites, mosquitoes or flies mostly come in contact first to our hands, face and exposed parts of the body. So proper washing can be very beneficial.

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