can salmonella cause colitis ?


can salmonella cause colitis

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    Enterocolitis is characterized by an invasion of the
    epithelial and subepithelial tissue of the small and large
    intestines. Strains that do not invade do not cause disease.
    The organisms penetrate both through and between the
    Mucosal cells into the lamina propria, with resulting
    inflammation and diarrhea. Neutrophils limit the infection
    to the gut and the adjacent mesenteric lymph nodes; bacteremia is infrequent in enterocolitis. In contrast to Shigella
    enterocolitis, in which the infectious dose is very small (on
    the order of 100 organisms), the dose of Salmonella
    required is much higher, at least 100,000 organisms. Gastric acid is an important host
    defense; gastrectomy or use of antacids lowers the infectious dose significantly.

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