Do the Bacteria in probiotics live/reproduce after ingested


Do the bacteria in probiotics continue to live and reproduce in the intestines if so why do you need multiple doses? If not is it just pointless to take?

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    The simple answer is “Yes, they do!”
    Probiotics are living bacteria that, when consumed in sufficient proportions, give health advantages to the host. Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria are the most often utilised probiotic strains. Probiotics have shown to have great therapeutic promise for a range of ailments, but the mechanisms behind these benefits have yet to be completely understood. Modification of the gut microbiota, competitive adherence to the mucosa and epithelium, strengthening of the gut epithelial barrier, and modulation of the immune system to confer an advantage to the host are all important mechanisms underlying probiotics’ antagonistic effects on various microorganisms.

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