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Dear Microbiologist,

I am writing a collection of short stories for children.  One of the stories is about the life of a germ.  I would like to know if the story is factually correct and if it makes sense where it counts.  Here is the story so far:

Some might call Jarvis a germ but he was a Lactobacillus plantarum who lived quite happily on the top of the kitchen light fixture. He loved the warmth of the light when it was turned on. He enjoyed the smell of supper cooking in the evening. He liked listening to the peaceful hum of the light bulb.
Until one day, disaster struck. The fluffy duster came and swept him away. He jumped from the duster and ran down the side of the refrigerator. Underneath the refrigerator, it was nice and warm but dark. He searched for another place to stay. He thought about the windowsill because it was nice and sunny. Then he noticed it being cleaned and decided he didn’t want to repeat that mistake. Finally he found a nice warm, moist crevice in a sponge. Whenever it was being used, he crawled further inside. At night and when the people were not home he would travel around the sink in the pipes, sprayer holes etc.
One day, he dared to stay out of his sponge while dinner was being prepared. He wandered onto a piece of lettuce that was put in a salad. The salad was eaten by the daughter of the family. He made lysine which produces collagen and muscle And protected them from harmful bacteria by kicking them out of his new home.

Does this story make sense and what other details can I add about how Jarvis helps human?

Thank you for your time.


Lisa Gamel

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    Thank you Waqas Nazeer.  This information is very helpful.  I can add a note at the end stating that Jarvis really couldn’t move on his own free will.  How long could he live in the human body?

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