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    well, some bacteria are used for food production like :

    • lactobacillus
    • streptobacillus
    • streptococci
    • enterococci
    • Bifidobacterium

    there are 2 types of food products :

    • fermented product ( play a positive and negative role of the bacteria )
    • non-fermented product ( here bacteria play their negative role)

    *bacteria are used for the production of different food products like cheese, yogurt, soya sauce. and also used as a cofactor in the food.

    like streptococcus thermophilous and lactobacillus bulgaricus (starter culture )play important role in the production of the yogurt

    the streptococcus thermophilous inhibit the growth of the non-thermophilous (pathogenic bacteria) and these 2 bacteria also help the lowering of the pH (up to 4.5 ).

    hope you got the point.



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