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  1. well, according to research there are more than 2000 strains of the salmonella bacteria but only some strain make people sick and most often cause intestine infection. salmonella can also cause even death but it’s rare. most often contracted way is through uncooked meat, poultry or through eggs. it mostly affects the infants, adults and immunocompromised individuals. the infectious dose of the salmonella is 100-1000CFU.

    salmonella is the gram-negative bacteria that belong to the family of Enterobacteriaceae and cause the infection of the intestine. by using 2 virulence factors, salmonella enter in the body through a different route, safe itself from the phagocytosis and the complement system and then attach the mucosal surface of their intestine and make the surface rough.

    abdominal cramps
    hope you got the point.

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