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    Salmonella from the environment can die by using many ways.

    1. Increase the temperature:

    These bacteria grow best at 37ᴼC but the temperature range is 5-45ᴼC. If the temperature increases by 45ᴼC, bacteria die in the environment. Salmonella is non-spore forming bacteria that are unable to form spore under unfavorable conditions. Bacteria die when the temperature changes. This is the easiest method to kill the bacteria from food.

    1. Change the pH of bacteria:

    These bacteria grow at 5.5 – 9 pH ranges and grow best at neutral pH. Bacteria die if the pH drops to 5.5 and increase to 9. Bacteria can’t grow at acidic and basic pH. Bacteria stop its growth when pH becomes acidic and basic. The acidic and basic pH slows down the metabolism of bacteria that eventually cause the death of bacteria.

    1. Disinfectant:

    Bacteria can be destroyed by using disinfectant. Disinfectant is the chemical substances that can reduce the microbial load from non-living surfaces. It is used for the sterilization of inanimate surfaces. The common disinfectant that is used in industry to destroy bacteria is as follows:

    Sodium hypochlorite:


    Hydrogen peroxide:


    Quaternary ammonium compound:




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