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    It depends upon which type of test you want do
    If you want to detect bacteria swab sampling will be different
    If you want to detect virus swab sampling will be different

    Major procedure is take a sterile swab. Spread it on wound or a place you want to take sample.
    Then put into pbs solution or VTM


    1.surface sample
    select sampling area mostly 10 * 10 sq. cm (if area is large select small locations within that area i.e. if sample is taken from a room you can select small patch of areas at different locations within room). take the swab and rub around the area unidirectionally.
    2.infected body area
    take the cotton swab and pass it firmly over the infected area. if infection has any discharge or fluid like pus, take the sample from the discharge by passing it deep into the infected area

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