Petroleum byproduct polypropylene pp05

  1. Petroleum byproduct polypropylene pp05 medical devices..MESH. Used in over 300 operations worldwide. Cultivates antibiotic resistant biofilm capable of infection propagation. To hide evidence of 30 years of implanting victims with no informed consent. Would it be wise for NHS Government big pharma bottom feeding mules to instruct medical certain medical staff to infect the biofilm so it will propagate. They could write covid on the many elderly victims in carehomes.
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  1. I have polypropylene mesh implant. Curious to learn about how it affects my health. Byproducts of it’s microbiology. Implanted 2011. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rhematologist last year. Chronic inflammation. Elevated white blood count recently. Wondering if mesh is impacting my liver?

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