What agar media is ideal to selectively grow enterococci?


I am doing a project and i need to extract microbes from sand and grow just the enterococci. Is there an agar media that selectively grows enterococci?

I would also need to selectively grow e.coli and coliforms, but i found that Coliform Chromo select agar should do the job for both of them on the same plate.

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    Ecoli flourishes close to plant roots, can debase youthful produce crops.
    Coliform ChromoSelect Agar is a chromogenic blend that contains two chromogenic substrates, Salmon-GAL and X-glucuronide. Coliforms produce a catalyst called β-D-galactosidase, which cuts Salmon-GAL, bringing about the salmon-to-red shading of coliform states. The protein β-D-glucuronidase delivered by Escherichia coli cleaves X-glucuronide. Escherichia coli forms dull blue-to-violet hued states because of cleavage of both Salmon-GAL and X-glucuronide.The expansion of tryptophan improves the indole response, accordingly expanding discovery dependability in mix with the two chromogens. To confirm Escherichia coli, add a drop of Kovac′s reagent on the dim blue-to-violet province. The arrangement of cherry-red tone shows a positive response.
    Coliform ChromoSelect Agar is a specific chromogenic medium suggested for concurrent discovery of Escherichia coli and all out coliforms in water and food tests

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