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    Although there are many various ways to check contamination in food. However, the easiest way to recognize foods contaminated by spoilage bacteria is to check:

    • Colour of the food and
    • Smell of food.

    If the colour has started to deteriorate, it definitely means that bacteria have spoiled that food. Changes in colour means that the spoilage bacteria have increased their population so much that due to their enzymatic activity or any other metabolic activity that releases substances on completion has entirely shown a different color on the outside material of the food.

    Moreover, the presence of bad smell indicates food spoilage either the food is in solid state like cake, bread or in the liquid state like juices, milk etc. Bad odour clearly is a sign of food spoilage. In order to avoid food spoilage by bacteria or any other micro-organism, food should be covered properly and stored in bacteria free space or where chances of contamination are least such as food should be refrigerated or sealed in a can.

    The temperature of storage place should also be considered. All the preparatory operations of food such as boiling, canning, sorting and grading, cleaning and packaging etc. should be done prior to storing food. If a food is spoiled, it can’t be undone.

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