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    in the carbon cycle, microbes involve only in the short term process

    Short term process consists of 4 steps:

    1. photosynthesis:  CO2+H2O———–=GLUCOSE + O2(photosynthetic autotrophs in the presence of aerobes bacteria)
    2. respiration: GLUCOSE+O2————-=CO2+H2O (heterotrophs in the presence of aerobes/anaerobes)
    3. methanogenesis: CO2+H2O ————= CH4+H2O (methanogens in the presences of aerobes bacteria )
    4. methylotrypsin: CH4+O2————-=CO2+H2O (methylotroph in the presence of the anaerobic bacteria )

    here the bacteria convert the carbon C into CO2 by breakdown the carbon compound in the presence of the oxygen and also play role in the decomposition as well.

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