which antibiotic for salmonella ?


which antibiotic for salmonella

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    Enterocolitis caused by Salmonella is usually a self-limited Disease that resolves without treatment. Fluid and electrolyte replacement may be required. Antibiotic treatment Does not shorten the illness or reduce the symptoms; in Fact, it may prolong excretion of the organisms, increase the Frequency of the carrier state, and select mutants resistant to the antibiotic. Antimicrobial agents are indicated only For neonates or persons with chronic diseases who are at Risk for septicemia and disseminated abscesses. Plasmid-Mediated antibiotic resistance is common, and antibiotic Sensitivity tests should be done. Drugs that retard intestinal Motility (i.e., that reduce diarrhea) appear to prolong the Duration of symptoms and the fecal excretion of the Organisms. The treatment of choice for enteric fevers such as typhoid fever and septicemia with metastatic infection is Either ceftriaxone or ciprofloxacin. Ampicillin or ciprofloxacin should be used in patients who are chronic carriers Of S. typhi. Cholecystectomy may be necessary to abolish The chronic carrier state. Focal abscesses should be drained Surgically when feasible.

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