why microbiology is hard?

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    Microbiology is not hard in my opinion, but still, if you think, these might be the reasons.
    Microbiology is one of the most challenging and demanding sciences. There are many reasons why microbiology may be hard, but some of the main reasons include: First, microbiology is a complex science that requires a lot of research and knowledge. Second, microbiologists need to be able to understand and identify different types of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Third, microbiologists need to be able to create effective antibiotics and vaccines. Fourth, they must also be able to identify and treat diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. Fifth, microbiologists must be able to study how these organisms interact with their environment. Sixth, they need to have excellent analytical skills in order to determine the amount of microorganisms present in a sample. Seventh, it is important for microbiologists to have good communication skills so that they can collaborate with other scientists.

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