Compare and contrast members of the Nisseria species




Can someone please help in comparing and contrasting members of the Nisseria species

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    The different types of Neisseria can be separated by starch use designs. Neisseria species don’t deliver corrosive from carb aging yet rather by an oxidative pathway. These tests are finished utilizing a media with single sugars ( glucose, maltose, sucrose, or lactose) and a pH marker to identify corrosive. The medium seen today utilizes phenol red as a pH pointer. On the off chance that the sugar is used, corrosive final results cause the phenol red pH marker to become yellow. N. gonorrhea produces corrosive from just glucose, while N. meningitides produce corrosive from glucose and maltose.

    There are an assortment of Neisseria animal categories and different genera with comparative morphology that frequently colonize the body. By testing for lactose and sucrose use just as performing different tests, for example, quick catalyst substrate tests, serologic techniques, or DNA tests, N. gonorrhoeae, and N. meningitides can be conclusively distinguished.

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