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    Salmonella Treatment

    For solid grown-ups: If you have loose bowels, drink a ton of water and different liquids. Your primary care physician may recommend that you drink a rehydration fluid like Pedialyte or take a medicine like loperamide (Imodium) if your the runs is extreme.

    In the event that your PCP affirms that you have a salmonella disease, they may recommend anti-toxins. Take them precisely as coordinated, and make certain to complete the solution.

    For youngsters: If your kid has a solid resistant framework, the specialist may very well allow the contamination to run its course. On the off chance that they have a high fever, you might need to give acetaminophen. Likewise with grown-ups, they should drink loads of water.

    In exceptional cases: Infants, the old, and individuals who have debilitated insusceptible frameworks may require anti-infection agents.

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