Microbiology is how many years course?


I want to pursue career in Microbiology

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    Microbiology is a course that many students take in college. Microbiology is the study of tiny organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. These organisms are important because they can cause disease in people or animals. Now coming to the question; How long is microbiology a course? Microbiology is an undergraduate course that typically lasts four years. Then you can pursue further higher degrees such as a Mphil or Ph.D. Coming to 4-year graduation program. The first two years of a microbiology course will focus on the classification of microorganisms, their characteristics, and how they interact with other organisms. Students in the third year will learn about the mechanisms that microbes use to cause disease, including how these microbes can cause disease in people or animals. Students in the fourth year will be introduced to medical microbiology. Students will learn about the major diseases caused by microbes, such as anthrax, tuberculosis, and influenza. Students will also learn about antimicrobials that can kill or prevent microbes from causing disease. (Lab work continue with all years)
    However, the division of the syllabus is entirely up to your institution.

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