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We recently tested a surface for fungal growth and saw mold growth on both the sample and control plates. Is it reasonable to assume that the plates may have been contaminated and retest before drawing any conclusions?

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    Being in the health department, we must try our best to derive best conclusions, which requires patience as well. In case, the control also showed growth, I must say, that you should really consider performing the test again, since growth in the control shows environmental contamination. Make sure the environment is cleansed, test tubes, inoculating loops and all such equipment is properly sterilized as per the standard operating procedures (SOPs). In order to have accurate results, we should always be as professional as we can be. Utilizing things, we have in the best possible way can lead to deduce valuable and accurate results. Though it might get tough and hectic, but we should always look for safety of others. Our one single mistake could do so much wrong than we can imagine. It could lead to wrong diagnosis, further leading to wrong treatment which could be at times, fatal.

    Best of luck in investigating the results.


    Team AskMicro

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