When/how long should food be stored before laboratory testing for mold growth?


Hello! I am a student doing a research on whether a particular substance incorporated to bread can reduce or delay mold growth.

I would like to ask if somebody knows how long should i store my experimental bread before submitting to a laboratory for incubation and testing on agar. I just can’t seem to find relevant information even on the official microbiological manuals on the internet.

Should i immediately submit it after baking? or should i wait for a day or two to make it get into contact with mold in the air then submit it?

Any insight would really help, thank you!

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    normally, a mold take 5 days to grow. to check anti mold activity of that particular substance you should incubate bread for a contact between mold and bread. also incubate bread without incorporation of that particular substance as a control. if mold do not grow on incorporated bread as normal bread then the substance is good in reducing mold growth.

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