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What tests are out there if a worm has migrated out of the bowel. Our health has been really bad since we were told to treat wrong and to treat twice weekly instead of the standard once fortnightly.
My doctor said at this point the only test is a post mortem

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    When considering the detection of roundworms that have migrated out of the bowel, there are a few diagnostic tests available. One common method is through the examination of stool samples, where microscopic analysis can identify the presence of worm eggs or larvae. Another approach involves blood tests, which can detect certain antibodies produced by the body in response to roundworm infection.

    However, if the infestation has progressed significantly and caused severe health issues, the options for diagnosis may become limited. In some cases, particularly when the condition has not responded to standard treatment protocols, a post-mortem examination may be the only definitive way to confirm the presence and extent of roundworm infestation. This involves a thorough examination of the body after death to identify any internal abnormalities or evidence of parasitic infection. It’s important to maintain open communication with healthcare providers to explore all available options for diagnosis and treatment.

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