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    Control of parasites these days is primarily by the utilization of synthetic compounds (pesticides), however the normally utilized synthetic substances are quick losing their viability because of obstruction emerging from aimless use. Also, pesticides present a threat to individuals, the climate, their leftover build‐up and their impact on non‐target living beings like useful creepy crawlies, birds, homegrown creatures and here and there the actual harvest. A reasonable option in contrast to the developing issue is organic (common) control. Under ideal conditions, biocontrol has manageability, which is deficient in different strategies for parasite control. There are a few strategies through which natural control of parasites could be accomplished, including the utilization of hunters (like arthropods, vermin, flies, scarabs, creatures of land and water, fish, birds, rodents, and so forth), parasites (parasitoids) and microorganisms (like organisms, microbes, infections and virus‐like particles, protozoa and nematodes).

    • Thanks for your response-If I understand it clearly then, there is No known environmentally safe chemical that can Kill Ova/Cysts of human Parasites on surfaces.

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