Can anyone help me know what might have caused pink coloration on Potato Dextrose Agar?


I am trying to isolate fungi from a soil sample on Potato Dextrose Agar. On 10^-1, and 10^-3 dilution plates there are pink patches seen along with other fungal growth. Can anyone help me know what might have caused the pink coloration?

PS: below are the links for the images of the above culture plates.

Thank you!

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    Firstly, I would inform you that the above links is not working so I am unable to see the picture..

    secondly, there are many outcomes lies like:

    • that may be due to any contamination ( environmental, experimental or personel as well)
    • Or that may be the growth of any Mold because we know very well that potato dextrose agar support the growth of Mold as well )
    • Important point is that u must share the complete information like the appearance of that patches
    • Last but not the least, u will adopt another way that is performed different test in order to remove any kind of confusion ( Recommended test is biochemical test, molecular or immunological test ) it will help u out to come to the point.

    Hope you got the point


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