Virus Chicken Pox


A 65-year-old woman consulted a dermatologist for vesicular-erosive skin rashes resembling chickenpox exanthema, the rash present in thoracic or lumbar region. From the anamnesis: she suffered from chickenpox in early childhood. First symptom that appeared a few days before exanthema and is present at the time of examination is a sharp pain along the nerves of the affected skin segment.
1. Guess a possible pathogen based on clinical data, life history and illness. Give general characteristics it.
2. Describe the mechanism of the virus persistence? What cells did the virus end up in after childhood chickenpox? How can this disease be characterized in relation to chickenpox?
3. What is the outcome of the disease? What is characteristic for the recurrence of this infection, in comparison with other epithelial viruses?
4. Is the vaccine effective for this infection?
5. If the patient is in a satisfactory condition, is it possible to involve her in caring for a one-year-old granddaughter who has not been sick or vaccinated against chickenpox? Justify the answer.

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