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Archaea V/S bacteria

Archaea V/S bacteria

First, Archaea bacteria were classified in the eubacteria kingdom. Later in 1970, scientists separate the bacteria into two kingdoms as Archaea-bacteria and eubacteria. Below are some of the differences that are present among archaea and Bacteria. We have made two tables for your convenience of comprehending, one table contains the similarities of archaea and bacteria and the other contain differences among the two.


These are some of the similarities that are present between archaea and bacteria.

Properties ArchaeaBacteria
Cell typeProkaryoticProkaryotic
Shapes Rod, cocci, plates and coilRod, cocci, plates and coil
Motility FlagellaFlagella
Size In micrometresIn micrometres
Organelles No membrane around organellesNo membrane around organelles
Cell division Binary fission, fragmentation.Binary fission, fragmentation



These are some of the differences that are present among archaea and bacteria, these things differentiate between archaea and bacteria

Properties Archaea Bacteria
GrowthOccur in one phaseOccur in three phase
HabitatExtreme harsh environmentUbiquitous
Cell wallPseudo-peptidoglycanPeptidoglycan
Spore formationCan’t form spore during dormant conditionsCan form spore during dormant conditions
Flagella Evolved from type 4 PilliEvolved from type 3 secretions.


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